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Supercharge Your Marriage  With These 10 Life Generating   Skills   and Generate MORE Life 


After ten years of working with couples I”ve found these six things were the needle movers in relationships.  I’m proud to share this free Pdf containing the 10 Most Important Tips for Creating MORE Life in your marriage.

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Proven Effectiveness

The 6 Week challenge moves your marriage to the next level. Simple easy to practice skills and rules.

Over 14 Years of experience

With a proven track record of change, the 6 Week Marriage Challenge has been developed from my years working with hundreds of couples

Reliable Results

Much like learning a the skill of Baseball, practicing simple skills improve your marriage. Great marriages take practicing the rules.

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About the Author

I’ve been coaching and counseling for over 14 yrs. After years of struggling to find my place in the world, I went back to college to get my degree in Clinical Therapy. That changed my life. Little did I know how the move to becoming a professional would affect my life. I’ve moved from those years as a clinician to now a coach, educator, and counselor with great success at helping others.


As a mom and wife, our lives were messy. It’s easy to blame, shut down, and look at others the reason marriage is struggling. Dan was an inspiration and we learned how to be aware of our faults, own them and move forward.


When my marriage ended, it was awful.  I thought life was over for me.  After a few months, I came to terms with my own part in how the marriage ended.  I am five years now away from that divorce. I learned that I am responsible for what I bring to a marriage. My new relationship is so healthy because I am NOT the same person anymore.



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